RSAP 2021

Welcome to RSAP 2021 Online!
May 27, 2021

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This digital symposium will highlight some of the most innovative and exciting work in periodical studies, and also allow us to come together and discuss the state of the field.

There is no cost to attend this symposium, but for planning purposes registration is required. You are warmly invited to attend as much or as little of the symposium as you’d like.

There is no requirement to join RSAP to attend the symposium, but all registrants will receive a 20% discount to join the society by subscribing to our journal, American Periodicals.

This symposium will be conducted using Zoom. You will receive information about how to log on to the symposium after you have registered.

Schedule (US EDT)

10:30 – 11:00 AM – Technical Warm-Up session

All are welcome to log on early to test your connections and practice with the video software

11:00 – 11:15 AM – Welcome and Introductions

11:15 AM – 12:35 PM – Digital Research and Periodical Pedagogies Roundtable

  • Chair: Tara Penry, Boise State University
  • Sherita L. Johnson, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Ayendy Bonifacio, University of Toledo
  • Joey S. Kim, University of Toledo
  • Mark J. Noonan, New York City College of Technology-CUNY
  • Kelly Kreitz, Pace University

12:40 – 2 PM – Book Prize Roundtable

  • Chair: Benjamin Fagan, Auburn University
  • Victoria Bazin, Northumbria University, “Modernism Edited: Marianne Moore and the Dial Magazine”
  • Jean Lee Cole, Loyola University Maryland, “How the Other Half Laughs: The Comic Sensibility in American Culture, 1895-1920”
  • Samuel Graber, Valparaiso University, “Twice-Divided Nation: National Memory, Transatlantic News, and American Literature in the Civil War Era”
  • James West, Northumbria University, “Ebony Magazine and Lerone Bennett, Jr.: Popular Black History in Postwar America”
  • Paul Williams, University of Exeter, “Dreaming the Graphic Novel: The Novelization of Comics”

2 – 2:30 PM – Break

2:30 – 3:30 PM – Early Career Research Grant Roundtable

  • Chair: Kirsten MacLeod, Newcastle University
  • José Brownrigg-Gleeson Martinez (National University of Galway, Ireland), “‘A new empire on America’s frontiers’: Irish Newspaper Editors in the United States and the Crisis of Spanish Rule in North America and the Caribbean (ca. 1796–1810)”
  • Simon Buck (Northumbria University, UK), “‘The Truth Will Set You Free’: Townsend National Weekly, Old Age Aesthetics, and the Selling of the Townsend Plan”
  • Nora Lessersohn (University College, London), “Talking Turkey: America’s Oriental Lecturer and the Nineteenth-Century Newspaper (1834-1895)”
  • Jemima Paine (University of Liverpool), “Poetry in Interwar Periodicals of the New Negro Renaissance and Negritude, 1915-45”
  • Russell Palmer (School of Foreign Studies, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), “The Connecticut pocket almanac and the Babcocks of Connecticut, c. 1790–1810”
  • Alec Pollak (Cornell), “Spreading the Word: The Rise of LGBTQIA+ Print Culture, 1970-1984”
  • Andrea Ringer (Tennessee State University), “Circus World: Transnational Labor and Performance”
  • Zaina Ujayli (University of Virginia), “Drinking from Two Seas: Early Arab Diaspora Women’s Periodicals”
  • Scott Zukowski (Library of America), “Poe’s Ephemeral Ourang Outang and the Ecological Ethics of the Nineteenth Century”

3:30 – 4:30 PM – RSAP Business Meeting

4:30 – 5:30 PM Social Hour